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A Great Place to Live

I was not looking for a fancy apartment in Texas, but that is exactly what I found. I just wanted a nice place that was safe, as my last place seemed to be getting more dangerous with each passing day. When I drove by one apartment complex looking at things, I knew I wanted to find out more, based solely on its location at first. I did a search for apartments in Stone Oak San Antonio when I got home so I could learn more about this apartment complex, and it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined.

I only needed a one bedroom apartment because I am single, and I was not in the market for a man in my life anytime soon. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, and I just wanted some me time. I knew that I would be able to have that at Stone Oak. I looked at the different one bedroom floor plans, and I really liked the Canyon Springs design. There is a large garage along with storage space on the first floor. There is also a nice porch, but I rarely use that because of what I have upstairs.

On the main floor, there is a huge room that is a combination living room and dining room. The kitchen is right next to it, and there is a pantry along with plenty of storage space. I love cooking, so I was happy to see that there are plenty of cabinets there. The balcony is right off the living room, and that is probably my favorite spot to just relax. It is huge, so I have a couple of loungers as well as a small table set. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure that all of this is even real!

Where I Live is Very Beautiful in My Eyes

I really like the Henderson apartments where I live. I have lived in other cities and states, and have not really thought that same thing. But here, the buildings really match the desert and everything is so pretty and cordinated. It is very common to see homes and apartments that are painted in colors that match the rocks and sand that surround our area. Beautiful greens, browns, burgandy and even burnt orange. A lot of the place here are made out of stucco too, which is common in places that are surrounded by desert. I love everything about my city actually.

I grew up in a very poor area of a state on the other side of the country. None of the places that were around us looked that pretty. But my mom did her best to make our little place look good. She did not have a lot of money to decorate with, so she would go to yard sales and buy things second hand in order to spruce up our decor. She also liked to make a lot of things, and she even did a really good job with a sewing machine. She would put up curtains, make bed spreads and so much more. It was thanks to her that I really like to look around at my surroundings and feel pleased by them visually.

I love that where I live has a lot of wild animals. It feels so natural to go outside at night and see a wild fox or rabbit moving quickly past my home. We have birds that a lot of other states don’t have as well. I feel like I am at home here. And I don’t think that I will ever want to leave. I love the night stars, the air and everything else.

Nice Apartments in Schaumburg Area

I just received a great job offer in Chicago, or the Northwestern part of Chicago anyway. I am not actually sure if the job is going to be located inside the city proper or not, because I am not super familiar with the area, and I will be moving from Southwestern Michigan to start working at this new job. I am looking for a place to stay and right now I think I want to find a apartment for rent in Schaumburg or one that is fairly close to that area, because it seems like a nice area, and one that I could enjoy living in.

I know for certain that I do not want to live in Chicago, but rather I am going to live in one of the suburbs, and from what I research I have done so far on a place to live, Schaumburg is looking like a pretty good candidate for a nice place to live. So I want to start looking at apartments in that area, and see if I can find one that is fairly nice, without being out of my price range. I think that the apartments there are going to tend to be a bit pricey. I can afford a decently expensive apartment, due to the fact that the job offer I just received is a really good job.

I am going to be making nearly twice what I was making before, and so that is pretty awesome. I know that the cost of living is going to be higher, but not so much that it will cancel out the large increase in pay that I am going to receive. I want to hurry up and find an apartment so that I can get settled in before I have to start my new job.

We Just Got to Nashville

We just got here this morning, it was a little bit of an ordeal. When we were going through the Blue Ridge mountains there was a rock slide on Interstate 40 and it took us an extra three and a half hours to get here from the Triangle region of North Carolina. For the moment we have rented a two bedroom luxury apartments in Nashville TN. We have a stipend and moving expenses from her employer so it is not really that pressing for us to rush into a new house. So instead we are going to take our time and perhaps build a place of our own. In this case we think that we have the opportunity to find a nice piece of land, due to the fact that her place of work is really out on the outskirts of the metropolitan area. So we are going to look for a place where we can get five or ten acres of land that will not cost too much.

In fact we got really fortunate with the place that we sold back in Cary, NC. That was because we ran into the perfect situation when we put the place on the market. You get that when you have more than one person who really wants to buy the property. We knew that our neighbor wanted the place, although it is not as though he really cares about our house. Instead he was interested in the land under the house. The truth is he wants the creek that runs across the low lying parts of the land. He wants to build a dam and create a farm pond. Of course that would likely end up with the water coming within a very short distance of the home. It is of no importance to me, we got a great price for the house.

Using a Contractor to Transform My Back Yard

As soon as we moved into our new home, I knew that I needed to hire a contractor in order to get our backyard in good condition. Our backyard is huge, but it doesn’t really work for me. I like throwing a lot of parties, and so it’s really important that I have some type of deck where guests can stand and mingle outside. I found a photo of something that would work for me, and I immediately called a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY. I thought that calling someone local would be the best way to go, and I really enjoy working with small businesses.

I called up the contractor and told him what my goal was for the project. I was able to email a copy of my backyard, as well is a photo of my inspirational backyard. He called me back later that day, and we had a very nice conversation about what he thought he could do and how long it would take to do it. I invited not to buy property, and he came out gave me a formal estimate. The costs he was proposing were very reasonable and he went above and beyond what I expected in his drawings.

The construction crew came out two weeks later. They were all very friendly and personable. They were respectful of my space, and try to be as quiet as possible. Before he knew it, the work was done and the foundation had been poured. After drying, I finally got a good look at my new backyard, I was really impressed with the level of quality and how nice it turned out. It really does add to my backyard, and it makes a really nice place for my guests to mingle. I can’t wait to throw my first party and try it out.

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