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Barn Conversion UK – Award Winning Interior Design Company

In October 2013 we were very proud to receive an award in the International Property Awards 2013 / 2014 for a Barn Conversion. This video looks at and discusses the process of winning a business award, the process involved and the returns and increased business and successes Design by Deborah Ltd have experienced since their win. Please visit our website for great interior design ideas and details of our 5 step process we use to make the process of interior design simple for you. A fabulous barn conversion. www.designbydeborah.co.uk

Design by Deborah Ltd specialises in interior design for properties over 100 years old but also combines classic and contemporary styles for stunning results.

As a boutique interior design company we help our clients with older properties look for that unique style that creates their dream home whilst respecting the property’s rich heritage.

We have over ten years experience in the industry and have created interiors for a wide range of older properties and we have many testimonials from satisfied clients to support this. Our clients often find that despite there being an amazing selection of interior fashions, they don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to investigate all the choices fully.

We combine our knowledge of the industry, of historical decorative styles and modern interior design principles to create a fully costed design within five consultations that our clients love. We can then supply materials and help implement the design if the client wishes or work with their chosen tradesmen.

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