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Getting Ready to Start College

I just got to San Antonio a couple of days before the school year started, but I had done some work and it was fortunate for me that my friend Lonnie was already down there and he had found a two bedroom Alamo Heights apartments for rent that was pretty close to the campus and really right in the price range I needed. Of course I was talking to him about this a good while in advance, because getting a place by yourself is going to cost you close to twice as much rent as if you get a place with a roommate. Obviously that is something that I am looking to do, since I am going to be taking a very difficult course load. It is going to be necessary for me to find a job, but I am not going to want to spend any more time working than it is possible.

What I really want is to find the sort of job where you can study all of the time and no one notices. Like for example a security guard where you sit around and stare at security monitors. That is an awful job if you have nothing else to pass the time, but it is really hard to find a job like that when you are looking for it. Of course if you are working at a convenience store, then you are going to be able to find a little time to study when the place is empty. Instead I am probably going to end up working in a kitchen. I have some good experience doing that and that is where I am going to be able to make the most money and still have the time to get my class work done at the same time.

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