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Interior Design at Inter-Dec College

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Using leading-edge computer software, students learn different illustration and drawing technics in order to conceptualize and produce aesthetic, functional, ergonomic and safe designs for interior spaces in residential, commercial and institutional buildings, according to standard practices and in accordance with all applicable codes.

This program will teach you create beautiful aesthetic designs using drawing tables, then progress to AutoCAD and 3ds Studio Max, both industries leaders in design software. After graduating, graduates can work, among others, for architectural and interior design firms, or as a 3D renderer. Many of our students work for prestigious business companies such as Andres Escobar & Associates, Igloo Design as well as the Cirque du Soleil and the Grands Ballets Canadiens.

• Create beautiful aesthetic spaces and designs;
• Respect the residential and/or commercial needs of the client;
• Learn how to select the right materials that meet the industry standard;
• Develop visual & vocal presentation techniques to help you express your ideas;
• Master the technical skills required to draw out technical plans on a drafting table or computer;
• Organize your wild and creative ideas and put them on paper. Go ahead and start today your rise to an exciting career in Interior Design!
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