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We Just Got to Nashville

We just got here this morning, it was a little bit of an ordeal. When we were going through the Blue Ridge mountains there was a rock slide on Interstate 40 and it took us an extra three and a half hours to get here from the Triangle region of North Carolina. For the moment we have rented a two bedroom luxury apartments in Nashville TN. We have a stipend and moving expenses from her employer so it is not really that pressing for us to rush into a new house. So instead we are going to take our time and perhaps build a place of our own. In this case we think that we have the opportunity to find a nice piece of land, due to the fact that her place of work is really out on the outskirts of the metropolitan area. So we are going to look for a place where we can get five or ten acres of land that will not cost too much.

In fact we got really fortunate with the place that we sold back in Cary, NC. That was because we ran into the perfect situation when we put the place on the market. You get that when you have more than one person who really wants to buy the property. We knew that our neighbor wanted the place, although it is not as though he really cares about our house. Instead he was interested in the land under the house. The truth is he wants the creek that runs across the low lying parts of the land. He wants to build a dam and create a farm pond. Of course that would likely end up with the water coming within a very short distance of the home. It is of no importance to me, we got a great price for the house.

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